Monday, April 19, 2010

Another 2011 Sneak Peek!

Here is another sneak peek....because I can't keep any secrets! I love this line of fabrics that I almost made it out of Fall Quilt Market without seeing! Thanks to Melanie, I was able to discover this great line and have lots of their fabrics in my Spring 2011 lineup!

These are just three of the sweet fabrics I've chosen. These three also coordinate with another grouping featuring birds, flowers and trees....but I'll save that for another big reveal!

I was just telling my mother in law this morning that Spring 2011 was going to be pretty awesome because I had more time to plan for it. Her response was, Wow - that is so far away! But, not really....I need to have the line designed and samples made in time to photograph them by October/November. I'll need to have them on the site before the end of the year and then ready for trunk shows by the second week of January! If planning for this line flies by as quickly as planning for this baby, then I better get a move on!

In a coming post, I want to share my nursery pictures. I am so close to being finished (even though I'm sure this will be an ongoing project!) and so far everything except the curtain panels is handmade! I've been fortunate enough to be able to create the exact nursery that I had pictured and I've spent less than $200! Not including the crib of course, but I am letting that be a gift from my late granddad, Boopie. Pictures to come as well as a breakdown of everything that was handmade, where it came from, how I made it along with where I found the tutorials, etc. Until then, enjoy this sneak peek for Spring 2011!