Saturday, July 16, 2011

Creeping up on one year!

Charlie had his one year pictures today with Carmen of CBM Photo. It was looking like rain, but ended up being the perfect weather for a photo shoot! We met around 8am, it was 77 degrees with a cool breeze in the air. This is NOT normal for Alabama summers, so we were beyond thankful and so glad the rain held off! It is especially helpful to have that cool breeze when you are chasing an almost-one-year-old around trying to get him to get in the right spot for his picture! Here is my very first preview of the shoot today!

As you can see here, he's on the move! I loved the set up for this shot. We used a quilt made by my great grandmother and Carmen brought oranges (how creative!) and the old wooden ladder and wooden crates. We did a variety of set ups using family heirloom type props which hopefully I'll get to share in a few days!