Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I've been working on....

When I haven't been working on new things for Christmas Village or planning Charlie's birthday party, I've been just sewing up whatever I felt like at the moment! It's a nice change from the deadlines and stress of planning a line and all that goes with it.

Today, I finished up this little set in sizes 4 - 7. My plan (for now) is not to buy any new fabric until I use up what I already have on hand! It's kind of a challenge - especially since I LOVE buying new fabric so much - but it has made me use some different fabric pairings that I probably wouldn't have thought of before. If you like this set, I have enough fabric to make one or two more if the sizes I have ready won't work for you. Here is the link to order:

This adorable little set has been finished for a while, but since we are still in the dead heat of Alabama summer, I decided to wait a little while before bringing it out! When I did put it out on the floor at the store and post it on Facebook, I sold three sets in about 3 minutes! I still have sizes 3, 4 & 6 ready to ship, but it can be made in sizes 12m - 10 years. I have plenty of this fabric to go around, so if your size isn't listed I can make it for ya! Here is the link to purchase the Peace Pumpkin Set :

Hopefully lots more to come! I'm working on a new idea for the Christmas Village booth this year. It will be all boys again and I'm trying out something I've never done before! I hope it's as big a hit as the Cottontails booth was! I'll be bringing back mix and match tees/pants again so my machine is about to get really busy stitching out some appliqued tees! I've ordered bulk supply of red and green thread...gotta get past this birthday party first! :-)