Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pinterest is taking over my free time!

Since I've found Pinterest, my weekends have been full of fun projects. Most of which include thrifting and repurposing things! I made this dress long before I found THIS tutorial on Pinterest, but my dress looked unfinished. I hadn't added the sash/belt yet. So, though the tutorial is great, I didn't actually use it. I used a much simpler version (just measured, gathered and attached the fabric to an old tee that had a stain on it). However, I'm glad I found the tutorial because it gave me the idea to add the belt which really finished off the look. I wish I had a picture of the back (and excuse my crappy iPhone pic). The belt IS actually attached at the sides to the dress so it doesn't move around and get all out of whack.

I had SO many compliments on this dress today. I liked it but didn't think it was THAT special until the compliments just kept coming from everyone from the Winn Dixie check out girl, to customers at Grandmother's Joy, to the jeweler that works next door. Anyway, needless to say I'll be making more. By the end of the day I felt like a million bucks!

Book Shelf Project for Charlie's Play Room

Here's a little project I did for Charlie's playroom! It matches the curtains of course. I have lots more projects up my sleeve for this room as he gets a little bigger. Next on my list is turning the childsize table and chairs that were mine into an updated version with chalkboard paint on the top and seat cushions that match his book shelf and curtains! (The table project was inspired by Pinterest of course!)

I don't really have any good "how to" advice on how to make this. All I did was spray paint the base and use the swag shelving that came with the shelf to make a pattern. Basically it is a 44" wide bolt of fabric sewn right sides together, turned right side out and pressed. The ends were stitched closed. Then using the measurements from the original swag shelving I folded, pressed and stitched 4 sections so that the poles would slide through. It was VERY easy and I love the way it turned out! Even my husband saw it and said "WOW, that looks so good!" And, if you know him, you know this is a big deal! :-)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Charlie's Sock Monkey Birthday Pictures *Part 1*

I'm pretty anxious to get these pictures up, so I'm going to post the pictures now and the story later! Enjoy!

In this heat? You're gonna need some ice water!

Cake pops were a hit!

Charlie's month by month photo display turned out so cute! I'll have to take a picture of the whole display so you can see all of the pictures together...

Our three sock monkeys....two got left at home...oops! Hey, we were lucky to have food at the party. My brain went missing in the chaos and LOTS of things got left behind! I think I'm the only one that noticed though!

I love these plates that I found at Hobby Lobby at the last minute! They fit my tiered stand perfectly and went with the polka dot and red theme. My banana pops were a disaster (should have relied on Diana's Bananas in the frozen food section, but I wanted to do it myself....) At least they tasted good!

The "Charlie Fans" were the hit of the party and they were my ONE completely original idea. Not that I copied the whole party, but it was definitely inspired by other great parties I've seen! The fans are the thing I was proudest of though....and they definitely got used!

"Charlie's 1st Birthday"....In hindsight I probably should have done a banner made from card stock because this one took me almost three weeks off and on to complete! Let's hope I can use it again next year and just change out the number! It did look pretty though.

It only took three helpers and staying up till 3 am to get everything done and without my dear friend Emily, who decorated all of the cupcakes, I'm not sure we would have had any! They turned out perfectly!

But, let's not forget the cake! Jeanette stayed up ALL night finishing it. No exaggeration....she did not sleep until Saturday at 5pm after all of the family guests left!

The birthday boy looks pretty pleased with it!

He didn't mind sharing a little with Niki either!

We only opened a few gifts and a few of our guests even thanked us for that! ha! I debated on whether or not to open any, but since we had a photographer there I wanted to document a few gifts being opened. It was just so hot and a one year old opening gifts is usually like watching paint dry. Let's be honest....

Here's Charlie giving out kisses to Niki...I can't believe we actually got this picture! (This is why you hire a photographer....ok...just ONE of the reasons!)

This is one of my favorite things from the party. This was also a "borrowed" idea (I'll post all of my sources in a separate post). Everyone at the party posed with a blank poster and I went back and filled in their names so Charlie would know who was at his first birthday party!

And, last but not least....our cookie favors. You wouldn't believe how long it took to make, shape, glaze and decorate 60 cookies. It was definitely a labor of love. But in the end, each person got to bring home their own monkey cookie and we were left with plenty to enjoy after the party!